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    公司简介 Company Profile


    Sweetrip (思味思我)品牌文化源于欧洲,成都市思味思我国际贸易有限公司为德国思味思我有限公司(Sweetrip GmbH)及英国思味思我国际贸易有限公司(UK Sweetrip International Trading Co., Ltd.)在中国的唯一合作机构。公司自1995年成立以来至2005年专注于国内巧克力与糖果的代理与销售。2005年,思味思我成功转型,致力于欧洲巧克力、糖果及休闲食品在中国的代理与销售和Sweetrip思味思我欧洲食品连锁专卖店在中国的推广。

        2006年到现在,Sweetrip (思味思我)已拥有来自欧洲十几个国家上千种名牌及特色产品,已成为中国中西部最大的进口食品企业!多年来,Sweetrip(思味思我)旗下产品已进入华润中国零售集团(Ole’、Blt、万家) 、百联集团、大润发中国、家乐福中国、全国盒马、卜蜂莲花中国、伊势丹中国、山姆中国、全国永辉、全国王府井百货、北京华联BHG、北京超市发、北京首航、北京燕莎、广州友谊、广州百货、金鹰百货、7-Eleven、山东家家悦、新疆友好及国内部分机场专卖店和大部分省会城市的百货店及连锁卖场,到目前为止,Sweetrip(思味思我)已拥有全国500多家优质分销商,60000多家零售终端!




    Sweetrip brand culture originated in Europe, Chengdu Sweetrip International Trade Co., Ltd. is the only partner institution of Sweetrip GmbH and UK Sweetrip International Trading Ltd in China.

    Since its establishment in 1995, the company has focused on the agency and sales of domestic chocolate and candy till 2005. In 2005, Sweetrip successfully transformed and dedicated to promotion of Sweetrip's European food chain stores in China and the agency and sales of European chocolate, candy and snack foods in China.

    Since 2006, Sweetrip has thousands of famous brands and special products from more than ten countries in Europe, and has become the largest imported food company in the Midwest of China! Over the years, Sweetrip's products have entered China Resources Retail Group (Ole', Blt, Vanguard), Bailian Group, RT-Mart China, Carrefour China, Freshhema, CP Lotus China, Isetan China, Sam’s China, Yonghui China, Wangfujing Department Store, Beijing Hualian (BHG), Beijing CSF Market, Beijing Shouhang Supermarket, Beijing Yansha, Guangzhou Friendship, Guangzhou department store, Golden Eagle Department Store, 7-Eleven, Shandong Jiajiayue, Xinjiang Youhao supermarket, most Department stores and chain stores in provincial capital cities. So far, Sweetrip has more than 500 quality distributors and more than 60,000 retail terminals nationwide!

    Not only that, Sweetrip has been developing OEM products in Europe since 2009. Up to now, there are more than 300 SKUs such as chocolate, candy and biscuits. In 2012, we launched the Sweetrip Tmall flagship store, Alibaba 1688 imported high-quality goods. In 2020, Eda’s Tmall flagship store was launched! Since then, Sweetrip has formed three major sales systems: direct sales, distribution, and e-commerce, and has been continuously improving, and is committed to building the first brand in China's imported food industry!

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